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The power of focus!

I call this one -The power of focus!!!
Soooo... I like to play the game checkers aka Draft! I was taught by my dad and schooled by my older brother.
Hubby has further sharpened my skills and I am no novice.
My son and I seat to play at a local music store while we wait.
He begs to play with me.
“You sure?”
Yes mommy -he said- with silent confidence.
I was gonna school him on the art of checkers.
I had every intention of “whooping” him in this game to show my skills.
I realized I had underestimated him.
Apparently daddy has been teaching him how to play.
I was perplexed ... (I’m serious!!)...
He is 8 but I wanted to beat him ... you know an introduction to the game .
I tried to distract him! I would think out loud my strategies for the next move.
But he didn’t flinch.
He would acknowledge my thoughts with a VERY BRIEF nod and then quickly veer back to what he intended to do.
Mehn! I knew -in time- I had lost the game.
He did get a little distracted when he had “two kings.”
He had already won the game ...
My “mommy” role came out ( I had shoved it under competition mode)...
I then humbly told him to re-focus! That he had already won.
It was a matter of two steps to winning versus one.
He was kind. He said “mommy you tried”.
He then explained further - “daddy taught me that I need to focus and avoid distractions" ( daddy could have given me a heads up though .. he wasn’t there but still).
I learned a lesson!
Never UNDER-estimate the power of a focused person.
So here’s to you and I!
Focusing on the important elements of life.
You. Your loved ones. And spreading good!
Checkers included!
In health and with focus,
Dr Olabintan
Tolulope Olabintan MA FAAFP AAHIVS Dr. Olabintan is the Founder and Medical Director of Livingspring Family Medical Center. She is a Christian, Family Physician, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She takes joy in empowering her patients and readers to live their fullest lives possible.

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