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My mommy eats anything!

I was reflecting and re-appreciating my Mother’s Day gifts - especially the written ones.

This one is titled “Mommy you can eat anything”
I was reflecting and re-appreciating my Mother’s Day gifts - especially the written ones.
I took a glance at one my daughter has written and her teacher had laminated as I saw how my daughter described me literally ..
Then I saw it ..
She loves to eat “anything”...
I read her description of me and how I make her feel and it took me to the moon...
it helped validate that she can sense my love even when I’m tired and criticize myself for not doing more...
But I had to ask..
“Mama, what do you mean by I eat anything?”
She looked back and said matter-of fact-ly “Yes mommy you do... even nasty tasting fruits and vegetables ”
She explained further “you know how you say mind over matter?”
“Yeah” I responded 
Well you’d eat anything because it’s healthy! You say we should do things that are good even when we don’t feel like it because we know in our mind that it is good for us...”
“So yeah mommy, you DO (emphasis here) eat anything ” as she ran away giggling probably wondering why I was questioning her or why it didn’t seem to make natural sense to me ..
I was relieved ... after all I do eat their leftovers too and I thought she was reflecting on that ..
I yelled out after her thanking her... “thank you mama”
I do eat anything!
So what about you?
What’s your “anything”?
That healthy routine or food that is considered a toughie but you do anyway ...
Be encouraged!
Anything is not necessarily a bad thing!
Keep at it! Mind over matter
In health,
Dr Olabintan
Tolulope Olabintan MA FAAFP AAHIVS Dr. Olabintan is the Founder and Medical Director of Livingspring Family Medical Center. She is a Christian, Family Physician, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She takes joy in empowering her patients and readers to live their fullest lives possible.

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