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Fruity Vanilla

I had ice cream the other day … yup

Blue bell brand



Small size

I put some fresh blue berries in it

And some raspberries

I sprinkled micro cut chia seeds

I got a very small spoon

I put on music

And I ate it

I let my tastebuds enjoy each flavor

I even shared with my boo(sometimes I don’t)

Actually I gave him his own individual cup

I still think that’s sharing

Why am I sharing this?

Because there are ways to enjoy the not so healthy by combining it with the healthy

Like white rice with steamed (Not buttered) veggies

Like seasoned grilled sweet potatoes with fish (yup grilled NOT in butter)



Like brown rice with stir fried veggies (too much of a stretch??)

You get my point though right ?

Healthy-ier is good!

After all the goal is to be better versions of who we were yesterday with each passing day!

This is a please… eat healthier most.

Whatever that may mean to you…

Be encouraged to do it!

Dr. Olabintan

Dr. Tolulope Olabintan MD, AAHIVS, FAAFP, dipABLM Dr. Tolulope Olabintan is the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Livingspring Family Medical Center. She is a Christian, Family Physician, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She takes joy in empowering her patients and readers to live their fullest lives possible. She helps patients live long and well as she believes that the quality of life is just as important as the quantity of life. She is also a foodie and loves the colors teal and orange. Dr. Olabintan completed her medical degree at UMDNJ Rutgers Medical School in 2007. Dr. O went on to finish her Family Medicine Residency from Albert Einstein College of Medicine Family Medicine residency where she also served as a Chief Resident. She then went on to complete a women’s health/surgical obstetrics fellowship at St Francis hospital in 2011. She is a board-certified Family Physician, Lifestyle Medicine, a HIV specialist and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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