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Mind what's on your mind!

How are your conversations with your mind?

I tell mine to shut up sometimes.
It likes to act like a baby- not wanting to take on new tasks.

I tell it to hush and inform it on the reality.

That I can do hard things.
That obstacles won’t break me.
That I am not really hungry ... just had a rough day and need a deep hug (the one I can fall into).
That it may be inconvenient but I can adapt!

What’s your conversation like?

Feel free to share!

I’m working on renewing my mind- telling it the truth and unlearning some of its lies!
I’m encouraging you to do the same.

In health,
Dr Olabintan
Tolulope Olabintan MA FAAFP AAHIVS Dr. Olabintan is the Founder and Medical Director of Livingspring Family Medical Center. She is a Christian, Family Physician, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She takes joy in empowering her patients and readers to live their fullest lives possible.

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