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I help people young and old live well!

Hi  !!!
May I kindly re-introduce myself!
My name is Dr. Tolulope Olabintan. I am a family physician and the founder of Livingspring Family Medical Center -a private practice born August 2020 in Mansfield, Texas.
I help people (young and old) live long and well because I believe the quality of one’s life is just as important as the “quantity” of it.
I am known to help people make their health a priority.
I make the most of their wellness visits- these are your annual check ups where we discuss ways to prevent illnesses for the now and the future.
I combine healthy lifestyles and medications to improve health.
I do all of the above on a platform of sincere care because I believe you do better when you feel sincerely cared for.
I also believe in God as the originator of all true healing and I serve as a conduit - a channel- extending that to others through the medical services I provide.
My goal is to leave this world a better place than I met it, one patient encounter at a time.
I am a foodie. 
I love dancing.
I am a wife and a mama of two.
Our practice is opening next week and I look forward to serving you!
If you or anyone you know is looking for a primary care doctor who is thorough, passionate and caring in the Mansfield, Texas area… I am she!
Tolulope Olabintan MA FAAFP AAHIVS Dr. Olabintan is the Founder and Medical Director of Livingspring Family Medical Center. She is a Christian, Family Physician, writer, mentor, mother and wife. She takes joy in empowering her patients and readers to live their fullest lives possible.

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